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STARS Final Event in Bremen

From 13-14 February, the City if Bremen hosted the STARS final event. After 2.5 years, STARS – Shared mobility opporTunities And challenges foR European citieS – is about to end and this 2-day event was an opportunity to deliver the project’s final outcomes on the diffusion of car sharing in Europe and its implications and impacts on the future of mobility. Moreover, and as

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Car Sharing Campout in Paris

Organised as part of the STARS project, the Car Sharing Campout took place in Paris from 14-15 October. As to forge synergies and enable more high-profile participants to attend, the Campout was sandwiched between two other mobility conferences in Europe: it followed the Shared Mobility Rocks conference in Brussels (8 October) and was part of the lead-up to the 2019 Autonomy & Urban Mobility Summit in Paris (16-17

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