Policy toolkit

Prior to the 2019 European elections, a specific policy brief was drafted and distributed to European decision-makers. It listed the incentives and benefits of car sharing services for all stakeholders including local policymakers, citizens, and the transport and automotive sectors.

The STARS policy toolkit that was produced in the project was one of the main key outputs. Its main objectives are to push the STARS’ results into the agendas of policymakers, and transport and city planners, whilst providing them with guidelines and recommendations to implement the best strategies that will grow car sharing services in European cities.

“What-if scenarios” and practical cases

The STARS policy toolkit includes different what-if scenarios, practical examples and real parameters: types of mobility services to promote, business opportunities for economic actors, estimation of the market’s size, sociodemographic factors such as gender, age…

It aims to assist decision-makers and mobility stakeholders in selecting the most adequate solutions that maximise social wellness in a cost-effective way and limit environmental impacts. In addition, it serves as an integrated support tool for the Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans (SUMPs)in terms of public transport and mobility solutions for local authorities.

Policy toolkit STARS