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HiReach aims to eliminate transport poverty by triggering new mobility solutions. HiReach builds on the potential of bundling and mixing dispersed, special and non-coordinated/optimised trip requests and needs from different vulnerable user groups to favour inclusive and participative mobility rather than exclusive/special and geographically-limited mobility.

The vulnerable user groups within HiReach include people with temporarily or permanent reduced mobility, children, young and elderly people, women, migrants and ethnic minorities, low income and unemployed, people living in rural and deprived areas.

By combining different attributes of available transport concepts and bottom-up initiatives with new operational schemes and IT applications, HiReach will explore viable business models for small scale, modular and easily replicable mobility services (community transport services, ridesharing, minibus/van pooling…) that can be provided at affordable prices and/or with minimum subsidies.

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INCLUSION is a 3-year Horizon 2020 European project that addresses public transport accessibility, inclusivity and equity in a number of mobility conditions, including urban centres, deprived neighbourhoods, remote rural areas and various user segments affected by some form of transport vulnerability or poverty.

The project’s research is conducted through the investigation of a number of recent and running experiences, including best practices as well as documented failures and shortcomings. Targeted real-life experiments are complementing the study through piloting and assessment of innovative accessible transport solutions leveraging enabling ICTs and social innovation in a number of sites in Flanders region (Belgium ), Rhein-Sieg region (Germany), Budapest (Hungary), Florence Metropolitan Area (Italy), Barcelona conurbation (Spain), and the Cairngorms National Park (United Kingdom).

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The MoTiV project aims advancing research on Value of Travel Time (VTT) by introducing and validating a conceptual framework for the estimation of VTT through a European-wide data collection producing scientific and policy outcomes, as well as potential business developments. The dataset underlying the research project will be gathered through the MoTiV smartphone app, which will combine and integrate features from a multi-modal “journey planner” and an “activity/mobility diary” in an innovative way. The knowledge acquired in the project is expected to contribute to the development of new mobility services and to the extension of existing applications, such as the ones offered by the business partners of the Consortium. An Open Dataset to stimulate further research on the topic will be made available at the end of the project.

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