Impacts from different viewpoints

Main expected impacts of STARS on its main stakeholders

Bettering the lifes of the citizens...

Citizens: The environmental and social benefits generated by the increase of car sharing services in cities will have a positive impact on citizens.
Car sharing customers: The various forms of car sharing services that will be implemented will allow car sharing customers to select the one that best suits their needs.
Other travellers: Thanks to the uptake of car sharing services in cities, traffic and congestion will be reduced and more parking space will be available.

Generating growth in the transport sector...

Car sharing providers: STARS will provide input to car sharing providers and support the implementation of the best car sharing services.
Public transport & taxi operators: The increase of car sharing in cities is a win-win inclusive implementation process, maximising diversion from car use.
Automotive sector: New business opportunities are expected to be created, which will strengthen the automotive sector’s skills beyond its core business.

Providing the necessary tools and knowledge to policymakers...

Local and national policymakers: Thanks to the policy toolkit produced in STARS, local and national policymakers will have access to tools and recommendations that will help them implement the best car sharing strategies in their cities.
EU policymakers: The research and knowledge acquired in the project will feed into the European Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans (SUMPs).