A project driven by objectives

STARS aims to….

The market

… build a knowledge base through mapping the existing car sharing services and solutions in Europe.

Customer profiles

… shape the typical profile of car sharing users, based on socio-demographic factors (gender, age, lifestyle…) and from a social psychology perspective.

User behaviour

… understand why people shift from car ownership to car sharing, as well as the new mobility attitudes and practices.


… connect the diffusion of car sharing services with emerging technological and social innovation patterns (including mobile applications and electric vehicles).

Mobility demand

… quantify the mobility demand and match the different car sharing services offered with mobility styles, cultures and practices in different European cities.


… assess how different forms of car sharing and other travel modes (private car, bike, walk, taxi, public transport…) can be used in a co-modality perspective.

Mobility scenarios

… study how other travel modes can be affected by the growth of car sharing, with the aim to integrate the project’s results into the Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans (SUMPs), and define 2 mobility scenarios (“business as usual” and “rupture”).

Environmental impacts

… quantify car sharing impacts in terms of congestion, greenhouse gases, noise, accessibility and social cohesion.

Car industry

… evaluate the direct and indirect industrial impacts of car sharing, and foresee how the European car industry can be an active player in the diffusion of car sharing solutions, while strenghthening its competitiveness.

Policy toolkit

… provide stakeholders and European policymakers with a support tool based on the project’s results, which will promote tailored car sharing services and solutions to be implemented in Europe. This will give them the necessary knowledge to make the best decisions on how they can deal with future innovations, developments and shared mobility.