The public results of the STARS project are available for download in this section.

D4.1 User profiles of different car sharing variants, determinants of car sharing use and structural conversion models

D4.2 Segmentation of urban mobility styles and their affinity to car sharing variants

D4.3 An integrated model of driving factors for conversion to car sharing

D5.1 Mobility scenarios of car sharing: gap analysis and impacts in the cities of tomorrow

D5.2 A toolbox for policymakers for faster shift to shared mobility

D6.1 Automotive sector potential impact on vehicle sales and substitution patterns

D6.2 Business models investigation report: winner and loser business model chart and impacts on public transportation

D7.3 Proceedings of stakeholder workshop n°1

D7.4 Policy brief on car sharing for the European elections of 2019

D7.5 Proceedings of stakeholder workshop n°2

D7.7 Report on the outcomes of the “Innovation Camp”

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