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PRESS RELEASE – Car Sharing Innovation Camp to Jump-Start City Programmes

17 July 2019 – Paris, France – With car sharing becoming an ever-important aspect of city sustainability plans, the innovation experts at LGI are hosting a camp geared towards policymakers, entrepreneurs and organisations with an interest in new forms of mobility. Car Sharing Campout: Let’s Roll! will be held in Paris at the Anticafé Olympiades, 14-15 October 2019. So as to forge synergies and enable

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Rethinking urban public transport: How are cities integrating innovation into public transport?

In many cities around the world, especially those lacking an efficient public transportation system, congestion is undermining mobility. According to the United Nations, roughly 60% of the world’s population will be living in urban areas by the year 2030, increasing the pressure on urban transport systems. Experience has shown that adding new infrastructure is often expensive and slow. Therefore, municipalities are

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