Come to the Car Sharing Campout!

Mark your calendar and register for the Car Sharing Campout organised in Paris, 14-15 October 2019!

Today cities are facing an urgent demand to reduce the damaging impacts of transportation on both the environment and their citizens’ health. As they grapple with improving air quality, expanding green areas and reducing traffic congestion, car sharing is becoming an ever-important part of city sustainability plans.

Organised as part of the STARS project, the Car Sharing Campout aims to tackle some of the challenges cities are facing in their car sharing programmes. Bringing together key automotive players, mobility researchers and organisations working to improve future challenges in mobility, the Car Sharing Campout will include state-of-the-art innovation workshops to help create breakthroughs for cities. It will be held between two other mobility conferences in Europe: it follows the Shared Mobility Rocks conference in Brussels (8 October) and is part of the lead-up to the 2019 Autonomy & Urban Mobility Summit in Paris (16-17 October).  




Registration, key speakers & venue details are available by clicking here. 


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