STARS presentation at the Polis Governance & Integration Working Group meeting

Marco Diana, the STARS coordinator, has been invited to the Polis Governance & Integration Working Group meeting, taking place in Brussels, on 25-26 February. He presented the project results during a topic session on car sharing, current business models and how to choose and implement the best models in different European cities.

This event focused on regulatory approaches for new mobility services, such as e-scooter sharing, car sharing and ride hailing. Moroever, it addressed three important aspects relating to new mobility services: regulation, data and urban space management.


POLIS Network


The Governance Working Group was recently created to address a gap in the network, looking at how to remap the urban mobility policy landscape. Disruption and change have been defined almost exclusively in terms of the development of new technologies. However, resources at the national level are still allocated to preserving industrial and obsolete investments. Frictions arise therefore concerning alternative energy, transport, and urban sustainability. Change and stability are not irreconcilable forces and the relationship between innovation and stability can be negotiated through a decisive & informed political governance.

The objectives of the working group are mainly to:

  • Exchange on strategies, good practice, needs and challenges in policymaking & local innovation
  • Discuss latest developments in EU budget and financing means for cities
  • Integrated thinking for Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans (SUMPs)
  • Advocacy towards the EU institutions through exchanges with DG MOVE, RTD or REGIO
  • Discuss ways to engage with the industry partners

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