STARS workshop in Bremen

Taking place in Bremen (Germany) on Thursday 24th January, a one-day STARS workshop gathered 33 participants, experts in the field of mobility (researchers, policymakers, car sharing operators, transport specialists…) from 3 European countries (Germany, Sweden and UK). The aim of this event was to inform and share the recent STARS research and results carried out on car sharing through the 3 following presentations:

  • Mobility behaviour and attitudes in different car sharing variants
  • Underlying factors of the behaviour change towards car sharing
  • How car sharing variants have different impacts on different traveller groups?

A  Q&A session was scheduled just after the presentations giving participants the opportunity to ask for more details about the STARS research and first results. Some city representatives and car sharing operators stressed the fact that cities can promote car sharing by installing car sharing stations in public streets, as Bremen already did. Many participants agreed that this is a fundamental measure to show the availability of car sharing for everyone and thus trigger conversion.


More details about the workshop 


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